Whereas Q1 2020 went into the record books as one of the worst on record, Q2 2020 came back as one of the best in a long, long time:

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Some cocktail trivia to look for as you’re going through it:

For the quarter, which country’s equity market had the best performance?

  1. China
  2. Germany
  3. Japan
  4. Argentina

For the quarter, Unleaded Gas was:

  1. Down 47%
  2. Down 13%
  3. Up 24%
  4. Up 69%

If I were to invest in a 10-year US Government bond right now, it would pay me a yield of:

  1. Less than 1%
  2. Somewhere 1-4%
  3. Greater than 5%

Investing in the same 10-year German bond would pay me:

  1. -0.71%
  2. -0.69%
  3. -0.49%
  4. -0.08%

(this is kind of a trick question….the correct answer is C (-0.49%), but the other numbers are current yields for German 2-Year (A), 5-Year (B), 10-Year (C), and 30-Year (D) bonds.  Yes, you’re reading that correct; investors are paying the German government to hold their money.  This is ‘negative interest rates’.  Said otherwise, instead of paying interest to borrow money from investors, Germany is making interest by borrowing money from investors….?!?!)

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